A Pagan Sun God, A Storied History,
An Exclusive Italian Mineral Water

SOLÉ means “sun.” Legend has it a pagan sun god appeared to Roman legionnaires as they replenished their canteens at our enchanted source in the foothills of the Italian Alps, near modern-day Nuvolento in the province of Brescia, Lombardy. Centuries later, when the region was struck by a plague, local Benedictine monks observed that the only inhabitants who escaped illness were those who had drawn their water from the same magical source.

Over ensuing centuries, countless sojourners visited “Via Antica Fonte” (“Ancient Way of the Source”) in Nuvolento to experience this legendary water. In 1906, Fonte Solé was established by the local Bodei family. It has grown to become an important part of Nuvolento – just as SOLÉ Italian Mineral Water has grown to become embraced by leading tastemakers and exclusive dining and hospitality establishments worldwide.