Bijan: An Exclusive Luxury Brand Chooses SOLÉ, An Exclusive Luxury Water

Sourced in the Brescian Pre-Alps, the new and exclusive Bijan brand Natural Italian Mineral Water is among the finest waters in the world. Untouched water is bottled at the SOLÉ “Via Antica Fonte” source, capturing the melting snow in its purest form after it has moved down the Alps to create a perfectly pure, balanced and luxurious drinking experience. The Bijan Natural Italian Mineral Water, in both 750 ml Sparkling and 330 ml Still, is undoubtedly among the healthiest and purest waters available. It is also among nature’s most balanced waters, with a pH level of 7.2. Crisp taste invigorates the senses, drawing on the ultimate luxury and exclusivity of the Bijan brand with every sip. Please visit Bijan in Beverly Hills or Las Vegas to experience Bijan Natural Italian Mineral Water.