Our Beliefs…

Water is Life
Up to 60% of the human body is water. Water nurtures, refreshes, heals, and enables us to function at peak efficiency. Water marks sacred rituals like baptism, legendary locations like Victoria Falls, and is present at virtually every group gathering and dining occasion.

Water is Beauty
From our Alpine source in the Adamello Brenta UNESCO Geopark to our enchanted font in the nearby Alpine foothills to our custom bottles that bring Italian design and charm to every gathering, at SOLÉ we see more than water. We see singular natural beauty.

Not All Waters Are The Same
The unique SOLÉ source, physical properties and designer glass bottles – as well as the unique perspective of the tastemakers and exclusive establishments that embrace the brand, make SOLÉ an unsurpassed mineral water choice.

Balance – In Water And Life
SOLÉ is uniquely balanced: sodium free, pure and “oligominerale,” with a neutral pH of 7.2 and soothing natural bicarbonate. It pairs perfectly with food and wine. The unique balance of our exquisite water inspires us to strive for balance and integrity in all we do.

Stewardship Above All
There is no Planet B. That’s why we bottle exclusively in glass, which provides unsurpassed purity, is 100% recyclable and can be infinitely recycled. It’s why our bottling plant and practices are models for the industry. And why we take great pride in bringing our precious SOLÉ Italian mineral water to you.