A new, exquisitely designed bottle

Art is born of love for beautiful things, and must be unique and innovative. The values of Art are reflected in the beauty of the Arte bottle . A glass bottle, clear and bright, starting round at its base and with facets tapering upwards, irregularly octagonal. A bottle to adorn the most elegant restaurant tables of Italy and beyond, capable of transmitting at first glance the idea of a natural mineral water produced with love and served in accordance with the ideals of Art herself.

The contemporary Arte range, in 750 and 330ml sizes. A sleek, multi faceted clear glass bottle in both still and lightly sparkling.

Mineral Analysis
Balance Still & Classic
Virginality Very Good
Minerality Medium
Orientation Hint of Sweet
Hardness Very Hard
Carbonation Added
TDS 387 mg/l
ph factor 7.4
Hardness 371 mg/l
Nitrate 2.5 mg/l
Calcium 105 mg/l
Magnesium 27 mg/l
Sodium 2.6 mg/l
Potassium 1 mg/l
Silica 40 mg/l
Bicarbonate 430 mg/l
Sulfate 14 mg/l
Chloride 6 mg/l
Arte Sparkling and Still - 750ml and 330ml Arte Sparkling and Still - 750ml Arte Sparkling and Still - 330ml